Sunday, March 27, 2016


Day 4
Competition Deadlift 445x1, 395x5x4
2-ct Pause Squat 4x6
Glute Ham Raises 3x6-8 (use weight if bw is easy)
Planks 3 sets max time (add plate on upper back if more than 1 minute hold capable)

Took an extra rest day because work at gym...ham strings were still sore and tight...maybe from deficiets? 

Deadlifts: Warm up and up to single at 445 (felt slow...hamstrings again still a little tight)

4×5@395 (Rest: 3 across...honestly later 3 sets felt good...I started to bring my knees a little forward that lowered my hips slightly and felt much more strong)

2 count pause squats 4x6 (185 (high bar, just seeing what feels right) - 185 (low bar....felt much better) - 205 - 235 )

Our GHDs aren't good for Glute hame raises, so I will do hip extensions. 
3x8 (0-25-25).  Our GHDs kinds suck...maybe RDLs or good mornings for some extra posterior?

Planks 3x1 minute  (0-10#-25#...need to start at 25+ next time). 

Overall this day was mush less taxing on me than day 2.


Day 3
Competition Pause Bench 285x1, 255x5x5
Close Grip Bench 4 sets of 6 reps
BB OHP 3x4-6
DB or KB Row 3x8-12
DB Curls 2x12-15

Comp. Pause Bench:
Warm up 135 - 185 - 225 - 255

Single @285

5x5@255 (felt good)

Close Grip 4x6 (185 (thumb knuckles at edge of knurling), 205 (index at edge of knurling), 205 (same), 215 (same)) (felt good...felt more tightness in shoulders than Triceps fatigue...maybe heavier next time)

OHP: 3×6@135 (Harder than I thought it would be)

KB Row 3x12 (53, 70, 70...probably need to breakout the EZ Curl next week.  Felt more in delts than traps) I am an idiot...for some reason I was thinking up right bad.

Barbell Curls 3x9@85 (felt better...just saw Curls and did wrong thing)


Rest day


Day 2
Competition Squat 440x1, 395x5x5
2" deficit deadlift no belt 4x6
Belt Squats 3x12-15
Wtd. GHD Situps 3x6-8

Back squat warm up: 135-225-275-315-365-405

440x1 (felt heavy, but got it)

5x5@395 (Rest:3,3,4,5.  First set felt heavy, second good...3-5 got real last reply or two, I am use to 5-7 minutes rest at 405).

Deficit deads (no belt, 25# bumpers) 4x6 (275, 295, 315, 335, these felt good...set up is a little weird, felt more like clean set up)

Belt Squats 3x12 (70,70,96...after I got my belt situated they were alright...but still think discomfort is limiting over strength...maybe use front squats or something else to push legs...not sure your thoughts)

3x8 GHDs  (20, 20, 25...went to parallel, these felt good, let me know if you want me to overextend to work hips more at bottom)

No conditioning after those squats.


10 Weeks Out from NC State Meet

Programming by Patrick Stroup

Day 1
Competition Pause Bench 215x8-10x3, 245x1x3
2-ct Pause Bench 4 sets of 6 reps
Seated DB or KB OHP 3x8-10
Pull-ups 3 sets max reps
BB Curls 3x8-12
Triceps Isolation (your choice) 3x8-12

Competition Pause Bench 3x10@215 3x1@245 (felt good...much harder than it read)

2 count pause bench 4x6@(185, 185, 195, 195)

Seated DB OHP 3x8 (heaviest dumbbells are 55...45,50,50...going short rest made it harder, but still got heavy.)

Pull-ups (to RPE=9...11, 8, 7...Kipping pull ups do not translate to dead hangs...or maybe weighing 230)

Barbell Curls 3x8@85...damn...I was much better at that in high school.

Dips  3×(12, 12, 11...first two sets felt easy...the got hard)