Sunday, March 30, 2014


Rest Day


5 Rounds: 6 ab wheels (from knees), 20 KBS @45# (heaviest available)

5 minutes on stair master (Laura was doing it and told me to try was awful...did not get sore though which was my fear so I may do it some for some quick cardio when I am at golds)

3 x 30secON/30sec off Rowing: 164/160/155


Bench: 5x5 225-245-265-285-285 (felt kinda heavy, I went pretty fast on them though which probably caused that)

Pull-ups: 19-12-11-10-10

Dips: 14-9-6 (wow...I have not done dips in 3 months and I could tell, going to start doing them 2x a week again)

Pendlay Rows: 3x5 @185

2x10 Dumbbell pullovers @70#, Dumbbell Rows @85#, curls @35#

Friday, March 28, 2014


1 min DUs: 37 (going to try to get back moderately proficient at double unders so I can work them in as fast conditioning)

Back Squat: 3x3 330-355-380

Front Swuat: 3x3 220-242-262

3 rounds:
1/3 mile run (kinda more of jog/walk on second 2)
10 tire flips
5 stone over shoulder (145#)
17:55 (I am planning on using this as a benchmark workout as I do more conditioning, it is the time domain that I really need to work on and is enough fun to balance out the suck that I would be motivated to do it more than once...may try it next week)

I did the squats beltless, I think I left my belt at the meet.  Going to email the director and some referees today and hope that Jen Thompson found it.


Rest Day

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Press: 3x5 @155#

5 Rounds:
1/3 Mile Run (around block)
10 Pendlay Rows @155 (fast up, slow down)
5 ab wheels from knees (these have gotten much easier from when I first tried them, I think fatigued lats make them really hard)

Bis and Tris 12-10-8
Curls @75#
Skull Crushers @65# (I have always been pretty weak at skull crushers,  but have also never done them too much)

My plan right now is to work in more conditioning in hopes of shedding some body fat and try to hit core and upper back more.  After the honeymoon I will plan out my next meet and start figuring out my training cycles.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Woke up and weighed at 220.5 (though the scale only went to 0.5) so I took a hot shower, walked a quarter mile or so, and drove the 45 minutes to the meet with the heated seat and heat all the way up...scale said 220.2 so I was good to go (as I thought the 220 weight class is actually 100 kg)...I NEVER plan on cutting weight that close again, I think that may been some of the issues on bench and dead.  

Squats:  These went as planned at 200-212.5-220.  I wanted to hit a meet PR on my second attempt and then a 10 kg PR on my third. 

Bench: I started 2.5 kg lower than my original plan, this was because I was opening about 10 kg ahead on everyone in my weight class except Chris London, who was opening at 170kg so I knew I just needed to finished a solid second.  I went 152.5-160-162.5.  I originally wanted to hit 162.5 on my second and try for 167.5 on my third, but I was not really feeling awesome on bench and decided to take what was there.  

Dead: As seen on the video I was 20kg out of first going into deads and was opening 27.5 kg higher than first place guy.  Decided to just take what was there, but mainly pick attempts to go for the win.  Went 245-252.5-257.5, first two attempts were where I wanted them, I wanted 260 on my third but decided to play it safe and go for the win and a 1400+ total and not get too greedy.  The meet was going REALLY fast too, I think I had about 5-6 minutes between each deadlift attempt so I was not fully recovered, in the end going with 257.5 was a good decision because that was everything I had in the tank and probably the hardest lift of my life.  Someone said after it looked like I was either going to make the lift or pass out...I cannot tell you what all went through my head during the lift but it was something like this "Heavy, buy I got it...shit, it stopped moving...feet through the floor Keane...don't hitch...damn, this is slow...squeeze your glutes...quit shaking like a bitch...pull mother fucker...LOCK IT OUT...YES...LIGHTS? (white)...YESS!."  I could not have asked for a better situation.  It was nice to actually be competing with someone for a medal and knowing exactly where he was at and what I needed to win...a third attempt dead for a PR, 1400 total, and the being the last attempt in the flight and knowing I had 0 left in the tank that day...I could not think of a better way to end a meet.  


Rest Day

Weighed 222 after a bath before my ride to Charlotte for the Battle.


Rest Day

Walked a little for weight loss.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


Worked up to doubles at around 70% on lifts
Squats: 340
Bench: 275
Dead: 405


Rest Day (walked for about 2 miles to help with making weight)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Stretched out and worked up to doubles at around 70%

Squat: 340 (felt pretty good)
Bench: 275 (a little higher than 70%, but felt really fast)
Deadlift: 405 (felt really fast)

Epsom salt bath afterwards.

Friday, March 14, 2014


C17W3 5-3-1

Squats: 340-385-435 (x1)
3x1@100%=455 (decided to go for 3 instead of 5 since I was doing bench after and that would be a little more "meet lilke" volume)

Bench: 260-295-330 (x1)

5x1@100%=345 (Actually did 3-1-1, so a nice new 15# 3RM PR on bench)


Rest Day

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


C17W3 5-3-1
Press: 135-155-170


Pull-Ups: 20-12-11-11-10

I did one set of press, one set of pull ups, then a 1/3 miles run (around my block).  Last run was two laps to make up 2 total miles.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014



C17W3 5-3-1
Deads: 405-460-515

5x1@100%= 540 (actually hit 3-1-1 instead of 5 singles, so that is a nice 25# 3RM PR)

1 mile walk with 50# pack.

Monday, March 10, 2014


Rest Day


C17W2 Bench 3x3

5x1@100%=345 (felt a little harder than I anticipated, I think squats the day before left my hamstrings and lower back tight which made it hard to maintain a good arch, but hit them all paused)


C17W2 Squats 3x3

5x1@100%= 455 (all felt pretty good, fourth and fifth were a little slower.)


Rest Day


Rest Day

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


C17W2 Press 3x3


5x1@100%=180#  (Actually did 3-3, so that felt good)


Saturday, March 1, 2014