Saturday, April 30, 2016


Day 4
Comp Bench 325x1, 285-305 for 12 total reps 3 reps per set
Floor Press 4x3@8.5
Weighted Pull-ups 4x6-8 rest 90 seconds (heavier than last week)
Trap 3 Raise 3x8-10 rest 90 seconds

Competition Bench: up to 325 x1....felt pretty good.

4x3@305 (felt good)

Floor Press 4x3@(275-275-305-305....felt good. Still not a great place to do it at the gym.)

Pull-ups: 4x (8-8-8-7)

Trap 3 Raise: 3x8@15#


Day 3
Squat 425x4x2
Deadlift 510x1, 450-475 for 9-12 reps total reps, 3 reps per set
Front Squat 3x3@8.5
Back Extensions 4x8-10 add band or weight if you can (heavier than last week

Backsquat: 2x4@425 (felt good)

Deadlifts: 1@510 (finally felt fast and easy)

4x3@475 (again felt much better...had to just focuse on set up and tight upper back)

Front Squat: 4x3 @(275-295-315-315...I wrote down 4 sets for some reason)

Back Extensions @+26#: 10-10-10-8

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Day 2
Comp Bench 265x4-6x4
Pin Bench (mid range) 4x3@8.5
Barbell Row 4x6-8 rest 90 seconds (heavier than last week)
DB Powel Raise 3x8-10 rest 90 seconds

Competition Pause bench: 4x6@265

4x3 (moved pins down one place...which seemed more sticking point ish...on #13 ~2.5" off arched chest...if you're looking for sticking point work I should stay here...Triceps and lockout work go back up) @315-325-315-315

Barbell Row: 4x6@205

DB Powel Raise 3×8@ 15

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Squat 500x1, 445-470 for 12 total reps, 3 reps per set
2-ct Pause Dead Mid Shin (no belt) 3 sets of 3 reps @8.5RPE (heavier than last week)
Good Mornings 4x6-8 (heavier than last week)

Squat: Warm up then 365-405-435-465-500 (smoke show....felt easy)

2x3@465 (last rep got RPE 9ish, so dropped weight)
1x3@455 (same on last rep)
1x3@445 (felt like RPE 8)

2 count (mid shin) deads: 3x3@(425-445-445...felt good...hook Grip felt like my thumbs were ripping off)

Good mornings: 2×6@225 and 2x8@205

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Comp Bench 310x1, 275-295 for 15 total reps 3-4 reps per set
Floor Press 4x4@8
Weighted Pull-ups 4x6-8 rest 90 seconds
Trap 3 Raise 3x8-10 rest 90 seconds

Competition Pause Bench: singles up to 310 (felt really good)

3×4, 1×3@295 (felt good every set...Bench feels strong...granted been 5 days since benching)

Floor Press...played around with it and stopped.

Didn't have too much training time...had to do some stuff around the house and beat up from deads and pulling out bushes on Saturday.  (probably more so the bushes)

Saturday, April 23, 2016


Day 3
Squat 405x3x3 (did first set belt less, it may have been what through rest of day off a littlr)
485x1 (felt really slow...not sure why, got it th I igh)

430-460 for 12-15 total reps, 3-4 reps per set
2×4@455 (felt good)
1@455 (felt got extended talking to a new member, dropped weight to 430)

Front Squat 4x3@(275-305-305-305...belt less, felt pretty good...more core than legs)

Back Extensions 4x10 +25#

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Day 2
Comp Bench 255x4-6x4
Pin Bench (mid range) 4x4@8
Barbell Row 4x6-8 rest 90 seconds
DB Powel Raise 3x8-10 rest 90 seconds

Competition Pause Bench 4×6@255

Pin Bench (~6" off chest, #12): 4x4@(315-325-345-345...took a while getting use to, I think 345 was about right.  I may try to go down one more next time)

Barbell Row 4×8@185

Missed Powel raises

Monday, April 18, 2016


Day 1
Squat 480x1 (felt good, not super fast but felt confident...RPE=8)

430-455 for 15 total reps, 3-4 reps per set:
450×3-3-3-3 (last rep got pretty slow, so dropped weight) 430×3

2-ct Pause Dead Mid Shin (no belt) 4×3 reps @8RPE @(365-385-400-415...honestly all felt hard but still felt good...I think it was more a function of holding my breath than the weigh)

Good Mornings 4x8 @185 (felt good)

Honestly even with only a 1 day rest after deads I just felt awesome today...even waking up to coach 0600 class and everything.  I ate a quest bar about 4 PM that I sometimes leave to eat mid workout.  I will plan on eating quest bar tomorrow at same time and see how I feel.  I feel like upper body pulling assistance (pull ups and rows) just take it out of me...not sure why. 


Day 4
Competition Deadlift 475x1 (felt slow but got it)

425x4x4 (second set felt best...almost like finally warmed up)

2-ct Pause Squat 4x5 (245-265-285-305...felt easy)
Good Mornings 165x8x3

Planks 4 sets max time with 45# on back (did one for :45...kinda lost motivation by myself in gym on saturday). 

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Day 3
Competition Pause Bench 305x1, 275x4x5 (felt good, twinge in right pec)
Close Grip Bench 4x5@225-235-240-245
BB OHP 3x6 @155
KB Row 70# kb 4x10
DB Curls 2x15@35

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Day 2
Competition Squat 470x1, 420x4x5
2" deficit deadlift no belt 4x5
Front Squats 3x6-8
Wtd. GHD Situps 3x6-8

Competition Squat: 1x470...felt good (got video)

5×4@420 (felt pretty strong...used my Competition knee sleeves...for some reason they even make me more mentally focused...or maybe the weight did)

2" (25# bumpers) Deficit deads: 4×5@(365-385-405-425...honestly these felt better than deadlift day...maybe being nice and warm. ) 

Front Squats 3x 8@225....these honestly smoked my core.  I think my lats and abs fatigue from yesterday made it a little harder. 

GHD sit-ups: 3x8@26-35-35

Monday, April 11, 2016


Day 1
Competition Pause Bench 240x6-8x3, 275x1x3
2-ct Pause Bench 4x5
Seated DB OHP 4x8-10
Pull-ups 4 sets max reps
BB Curls 4x8-12
Dips (super set with curls) 4 sets max reps

Comp. Bench: 3x8@240 ( felt good), 3×1@275 (felt easy...but I guess it should.  Some lingering tightness in pecs)

2 count pause bench 4x6@(225-235-240-240...did 6s by accident after reading last week for approximate loads.)

Seated DB Press 4x10@(50-50-55-55)

Pull-ups (12-10-9-6...kinda lost it on 4th set, not enough rest)

BB Curls 4x(10-10) @85
SS w/
Dips (12-×)...just did 1.5 rounds...just felt beat and wanted to go home.  Not because of programming...just tired from work and coaching 0600

Saturday, April 9, 2016


Day 4
Competition Deadlift 460x1, 410x5x4
2-ct Pause Squat 4x6 (use competition form no belt 245+ this week)
Good Mornings 155x6-8x3
Planks 4 sets max time (add plate on upper back if more than 1 minute hold capable)

Comp Deadlift: 460

4x5@410 (felt good...hands hurt for some reason)

2 count pause squat: 4x6@(245-265-275-275)

Good Mornings 3x8@155

Plank 1:00@+25#, 1:00@+35#, 0:45@+45#, 0:45@+45#

Thursday, April 7, 2016


Day 3
Competition Pause Bench 295x1, 260x5x5
Close Grip Bench 4 sets of 6 reps (heavier than last week 225+)
BB OHP 3x4-6
KB Horizontal Row 70# kb 4x8-12 strict form
DB Curls 2x12-15

Competition Pause Bench:  135-185-225-265-295

5x5@260 (felt good...a little lingering soreness from monday)

Press 3x6 @(135-150-160...felt much better than last week)

KB Rows 4x (10- 10-98)@70# (those felt better than I remembered...though it does hurt that you specified 'strict' I would do some bro rep assistance, of course after doing upright rows last week I may deserve it)

DB Curls 2x15@35 (felt surprisingly easy)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


Day 2
Competition Squat 455x1, 405x5x5
2" deficit deadlift no belt 4x6 (heavier than last week)
Front Squats 3x6-8
Wtd. GHD Situps 3x6-8 use weight this week

Competition squat: 1×455 (felt alright)

5x5@405 (last one of 4th set felt slow, 5th got on toes on last 2)

Deficit deads (25 bumpers) 4×6@(315-345-365-395...last 2 sets I really felt it...maybe start at 365 next time)

Front Squats 3x8 (183-215-235)

GHDs 3x8 (35 KB)

Monday, April 4, 2016


Accumulation Block
Week 2 of 10, 4/4 to 4/10

Day 1
Competition Pause Bench 225x10x3, 255x1x3  (felt video of 255)

2-ct Pause Bench 4 sets of 6 reps (2@225, 2@235...235 got real on last 2 reps)

Seated DB OHP 4x10 ( real...more upper back as far as sta ility...then shoulders)

Pull-ups 4 sets max reps (12-9-9-7)

BB Curls 4x10 (85- 85 - 75 - 75)

Dips (super set with curls) 4 sets max reps (13- 13 - 10 - 10)